Great White Tiger and Kids' dreams

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Great White Tiger and Kids’ fantasies

white tigerThe White Tiger And The children’s dreams

You cannot catch that which you don’t notice; do you hold them holy like the great white tiger?

I have been pondering things i should talk about today.
I have half dozen fifty percent written articles, but what do i need to discuss today?
Then, as i was doing a bit of healing work on my own self, it reached me.

I have a young friend, he’s about four. He is my chiropractor’s kid, he lives in Baltimore together with his mom, however for roughly a full week every month he is in Syracuse, and I always make it a point to spend a couple of hours with him.

Today ended up being that day, and we were playing, as well as singing some songs in harmony, and laughing. He goes to school, and he had learned quite a bunch of new songs, therefore he was performing a lot today. One of the songs was “You can’t catch what you do not see”

It is exactly what I wish to talk to you about today. That you might want to observe that which you don’t see.

You see, my own method, the Michelangelo technique is based upon that. It is one thing to be clear what you want in your life, although most people don’t, but even if you do know what you desire, until you see what is blocking your way, you will never arrive. What’s blocking your way must be handled, but you can’t catch that which you don’t see.

Most people that I know, especially males, don’t wish to see it. It is a shame. If you cannot find what is keeping you where you’re (given that you don’t wish to see it) you happen to be trapped there! That’s pretty much all there is to it. No wonder there are so many unimportant people, under-performing, big promises turned nothing, wasted talent out there.

It takes braveness and a certain maturity to handle the white tiger.

This reminds me of one of my beloved tales concerning the great white tiger and children’s dreams.

A study group visits this Indian community that’s right next to the forest where the great white tigers live. The great white tiger comes to visit the village many times a year and eats the people there.

Read More about the white tiger


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